Community Spirit

Community Spirit - Edition 4 Summer 2011

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The New Year is well and truly upon us!

We hope that you enjoyed time away from business over Christmas and the New Year, taking the time to enjoy the festivities with family and friends, a time that is precious.

My personal reflection during two weeks of blissful sun, surf and relaxation with family had me pondering the expression "Pay It Forward".

The "Pay It Forward" movement is the real-life reaction to the release of Catherine Ryan Hyde's novel of the same name. It inspired the creation of the "Pay It Forward" Foundation and the hit Warner Brothers movie. Ms Hyde was quoted as saying "I didn't write the novel expecting a social movement, but it's certainly been exciting to watch it grow".

The premise of "Pay It Forward" is simple; do a favour for another person, without the expectation of being paid back. Instead, request that the recipient do a favour for three other people.

In the book, 12-year-old Trevor observes, "It doesn't have to be a big thing. It can just seem that way, depending on who you do it for". He goes on to say "You see, I do something real good for three people, and then when they ask how they can pay it back, I say they have to pay it forward to three more people. so, nine people get helped. Then those people help twenty-seven. Then it sort of spreads out; to eighty-one, then two hundred forty-three, then seven hundred twenty-nine, then two thousand, one hundred eighty-seven. See how big it gets?"

This concept led me to the Pay It Forward website, which brings together as many real stories as possible. It's a source of good news and a way to renew your faith in human nature. An exact match to the purpose of our Community Spirit Magazine and Local Family Events Programme!

The next International "Pay It Forward Day" ( is set for Thursday 28th April 2011. On this day over three million people from around the world will perform random acts of kindness. But why wait? Why not pay kindness forward every day and make this world that little bit brighter?

"Be the change we want to see in the world" - Ghandi

Catherine Goodwin
LLB AREINZ General Manager