Community Spirit

Community Spirit - Edition 3 Spring/Christmas 2010

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The opening of Eden Park to the public on Sunday the 10th of October delivered a crystal clear message from our Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John Key, that it is time for the talking to stop and the action to start, it's time to get Auckland moving. In order for the country to move away from the recessionary atmosphere of the past 18 months, it is essential that our largest city takes the lead. The future is very bright and investment in our community is imminent and positive.

We take pride in our community and we make an effort to acknowledge the achievements of those who succeed. All too often, in our country, however, celebrations of success are replaced by New Zealand's nationally unique culture of "tall poppy syndrome".

If you are unfamiliar with this cultural oddity, the tall poppy syndrome consists of our surprisingly automatic ability to ridicule, instead of regale, those who have risked, worked and applied themselves to attain positive or notable results. We tend to focus on the luck of a person rather than the positive attributes they have displayed on a regular basis to succeed.

How desperately must we stamp out this syndrome? How desperately must we turn the tide and begin the positive actions of celebrating success?

In our own neighbourhood we have wonderful achievements occurring at all levels of society, they occur every day of every week and they deserve our praise and acknowledgement. Lets start here, right at home with Mt Albert Grammar School's exceptional success across the past two months winning national titles in 1st XV Rugby, Girls 1st XI Football and Netball. And, not to forget our Mt. Albert Lions RLC taking out Grand Final of the Fox Memorial Competition earlier this month! We extend our congratulations to these achievements and we acknowledge the hard work and dedication that it takes to achieve them. We acknowledge the 'support crews' involved in these successes; and, in doing so we acknowledge our own partners, who support the success of Community Spirit: TelstraClear, the Goodwin Realty Group and, new this Quarter, Genesis and Dulux. Welcome Aboard!!!

Let's get together and work to make "tall poppy syndrome" a cultural oddity from the past.

Catherine Goodwin
LLB AREINZ General Manager