Community Spirit

Launching Into Community Spirit

The Goodwin Group very proudly launched our first edition of Community Spirit's Magazine in April 2010. View PDF of Edition 1.

Community Spirit is more than a magazine, it's a chance for us to engage in conversation, an opportunity for our communities to bond and celebrate our common interests. This is the place where you can feel comfortable that the information contained within is provided with you in mind.

Goodwin Realty, a foundation member of Ray White New Zealand, is a family-owned and operated company whose Principal, Ashley Goodwin has been a proud member of the local business community for 27 years.

As a business, absolutely passionate to see our successes deliver tangible value to our community and its' people, we wanted to bring together a publication that will highlight interesting local people and goings-on in a forum available to everyone.

There are many wonderful things taking place right on our doorstep, and we plan to bring them together, every three months, in a fun and informative magazine. In each issue we'll feature local news, characters, lifestyle, business, events, entertainment and even a bit of history.

Communities are about connections, and through this magazine we want to help connect you with the local area and bring to life its community spirit. In this vein we'd like to invite you to contact us with any interesting stories and articles for future editions.

We look forward to hearing what you think.

Catherine Goodwin

View PDF of Edition 2